Getting Helpful Tips From The Pros When Using Golf Grips

Golf Equipment When it comes to golf grips, it’s important to know the expert recommendations in order to find the perfect model or make. This is why Rockbottomgolf is here to provide excellent tips to guarantee more memorable golf experience. Truth is there are players who struggle making a hit because of using the inappropriate size grip while costing each stroke they make. If you are also experiencing the same difficulty, then our premium golf grip models can help you resolve the issue in a cost effective manner.

Playing golf using the appropriate size of golf grip significantly makes the entire game more enjoyable. With simple solutions for the common problems encountered by golfers in the country and beyond, more and more individuals are joining golf clubs within their area. In fact, the main secret of performing well in the greens is to use the accurate grip. With the current market demands, we perfectly understand the struggles of the players due to too large or too small golf grips. You need to be familiar with the advantages of customized club fitting if you don’t have any idea which grip size should you use.

Expert Guidelines for a More Enjoyable Golf Experience

For most players, effortless hand measurements help in guiding them to make the best grip. The right grip can support the various needs of golfers like smaller or larger makes for accurate hold. Smaller golf grips need more strength in order to successfully hold the club. In spite of the noticeable advantages of appropriately sized grip, players still need to be on familiar terms with worn out grip replacement. This is why Rockbottomgolf is available to support your golf needs in no time. Never miss out your games again by choosing the right golf grip for your body specifications.

Did you know that custom fit grips are three to four stroke game changers? Well, based on your hand size and golf needs, we highly recommend our golf grips in various sizes and designs. This is to exactly provide our customers with the right grip they need for their games. However, larger grips will allow you to hold the club through more force. As a result, you get longer shots while hitting the tee. For female golfers, one of the common problems in grip fitting is the undersized grip. Those with standard female height like 5’5 and shorter will do well with the smaller grips.

Factors to Guarantee Winning Game in the Greens

On the other hand, oversized grips provide a good alternative for players who have weak grips or large hands. But we are here to help you improve your strokes.

Below are the ultimate tips to help you benefit from larger grips:

  1. Pain relief

Golfers who have joint pain, arthritis, weak grips and other conditions may affect their hold on golf clubs. But don’t worry because larger grips are designed to resolve such problems for a winning experience. In addition, experts say that larger grips are effective in absorbing shock of mishit or game impact. In short, you get less stress for having weak grips or hands.

  1. Control

Through the right size of grips, golfers are able to conveniently control the club. In fact, the way you hold the club determines shot accuracy. So if you have more comfortable grip, you are likely to squarely hit the ball at impact. With an improved grip, it’s actually easier to estimate the shot for a winning stroke.

  1. Trajectory

This refers to the flight path taken by the golf ball. In most cases, this is influenced by the ability of the player in holding golf club accurately. Here’s the thing, if you can’t properly grip the club, you might hit the ball that hook or slice due to incorrect positioning of the hands. So it’s always better to use oversized grip in order to reduce these common problems while enabling yourself to hold the club in a firmer manner.


There are lots of things to consider when buying a new grip. This is why we are here to provide you with the current updates in the market so you get the best product you can use in the long run. In addition, you need to know the pros and cons of these grips to avoid hassles when playing golf at your favorite club. With Rockbottomgolf, you are guaranteed to receive top quality grips for your golfing needs. If you have questions as well as other related concerns, please feel free to contact us today. is here to provide excellent tips to using golf grips. If you have any questions related golf grips so can visit our website and contact with us.