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Other Important Things to Consider

For multiplayer printed circuit boards, our skilled staff is capable of manufacturing multi layered PCBs to meet unique needs. The maximum size of boards that we use for multi layered PCBs is the standard size and the 16”x26” circuit boards. However, sizes may still depend on your specific requirements so please identify the exact size you need for your PCBs. As your leading PCB fabrication company, we promise you quality circuit boards that will provide you with long-term functionality. In fact, we are glad to be one of the top choices in the PCB market today for our competitive prices.

To achieve clientele satisfaction, we accept projects from simple double sided boards to Class-3 complex multi layered PCBs. Our PCB solutions are ideal for aerospace, military, medical, bio-medical, industrial, automotive, students, and hobbyists. And in order for you to easily receive a free quote online, all you need to do is log onto our site and fill out the form and specific your requirements. For questions and other related concerns, please feel free to call us today and we will immediately respond to your needs.